COOL JOKES (part 1)

three guys, Shutup, Manners, and Poop, were walking down the road when Poop fell down. Shutup went to get help.
He found a policeman who asked :
"what's your name???"
"Shutup," he answered.
"HEY, where are your manners!" the policeman exclaimed.
Shutup replied, "Outside on the road, picking up Poop!"

"Daddy, can I have another glass of water, please???"
''Okay, but that's the twelfth one, I've given you tonight."
"Yes I Know....but my bedroom is still on fire."

"How old would you say I am, Udin?" the teacher asked.
"Forty," said Udin.
"What makes you think I'm 40?" asked the puzzled teacher.
"My big brother is 20," he replied, "and you're twice as silly as he is!''

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